What is a VPS (virtual private server) and what is it used for?

Thanks to special firmware and software, it is possible to divide the physical server into several separate parts and use the same as a normal server. Functionally, the virtual server is the same as physical. Unlike webhosting, the physical resources of the host server are dedicated. You can run anything on a virtual server that can be run on a physical server (an enumeration of options is infinite). VPS offers the ideal way for projects where you do not want to take care of the physical server itself and you do not need the performance of a physical server. The virtual server has a very high performance in comparison with webhosting and is suitable for running of any applications. For a more detailed explanation, see here.

What about server administration?

Due to the price and type of service, our service is provided as “unmanaged”. It means that the the service is not managed by our administrators. Technical support by our administrators for individual tasks can be ordered separately. Running of either a virtual or physical server requires at least basic knowledge of the administration of selected operating system (Windows, Linux) and the applications being run there. If you don’t know which operating system to use, how to install your applications on it or how to perform system updates, you might not be able to do the V-Server service. Check out the options for hiring a management server here.

Our company does not have access to the content of your server, if you want to use the services of our administrators in the future, it is necessary to provide our admins with access to your VPS. Typically by importing SSH keys. Detailed instructions can be found here.

Do you charge an installation fee? is the VPS installation free?

The installation of a virtual private server V-Server *is not charged*. The entire installation process is fully automated. Since receipt of payment the installation process is fully automatically by itself and completely free of charge. In addition, you can reinstall the server from the Web interface at any time.

How long will it take to get a VPS service?

It depends on the circumstances, if you select an online payment that will be credited to our account immediately, the VPS is established within a few seconds. If you select a payment that must be processed manually, the setup can be stretched up to several hours after the payment is credited.

How do I get to the server? What is the remote administration of the server?

In the web interface there is integrated HTML 5 VNC client. Clicking on the “VNC” icon will launch the screen of your server in the next window of your web browser. You do all work using an encrypted connection as if you were sitting at a normal physical server.

Do you offer also another operating systems? Can I have Windows too? I can’t find the XY operating system in the offer, could it be loaded?

The service V-Server is designed for very high performance. The range of operating systems is therefore limited to the most widely used Linux distributions. There is also a Microsoft Windows operating system in the Server edition. If you have requirements that the service V-Server does not satisfy, we offer a far broader range of operating systems for our older service of virtualized server rental here (X Server).

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